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  • No Coding
  • Set Up in Minutes
  • Affordable & Accessible
  • Scalable & Customizable
  • For Techies & Non-Techies
  • Create E-Courses Like a Pro
  • Start with FREE Web Templates
  • Student-Teacher-Admin Friendly


Who We Serve

Educators • Coaches • Entrepreneurs • Learners • Schools • Enterprises • Developers • Publishers • Content Creators


K-12 | Colleges | Home School | Prep | Live Forums | Vocation Learning


Companies | Publishers | Web Developers | Corporate Learning


Teachers | Trainers | Tutors | Speakers | Coaches | Entrepreneurs

Turnkey Solutions

EasyTeach provides a dynamic WordPress LMS Plug-In, course-builders, sample content, intuitive dashboards, customizable features, and much more. It’s never been easier to create, sell, or manage e-courses!

  • E-Commerce Ready
  • All-In-One Solutions
  • Affordable & Customizable
  • Easy for Teachers & Trainers
  • Easy for Students & Employees
  • Easy for Administrators & Developers
  • Easy for Content Creators & Providers
  • Scalable for Small-to-Large Organizations
  • Feature-Rich Web Templates for WordPress


Educators & Entrepreneurs | Coaches & Publishers | Schools & Businesses

Teacher-Student-Admin Friendly

EasyTeach offers a robust LMS Plug-In (Learning Management System) compatible with any WordPress website, including our feature-rich templates. Setting up E-Learning has never been so easy, no matter what you teach!

E-Commerce Ready

EasyTeach works seamlessly with WooCommerce, providing SALES & MARKETING features such as custom shopping carts, subscriptions, memberships, product bundles, white-labels, affiliates, auto-e-mail notices, and integration with any CRM.

Course Builder & Content Manager

The EasyTeach Tutorial & Course Builder get you launched in minutes. Use your favorite multi-media tools and live forum platforms. Share downloadable documents, create custom quizzes, timed lessons, certificates & so much more.

Built to Scale & Future-Proof

Whether you’re a tutor, corporate trainer, small school, large enterprise, publisher, or web developer, EasyTeach provides a future-proof LMS Plug-In & Templates for WordPress, along with core-content tools, designed to grow with your every step!

Giving Back by
Learning Forward

With each sale & sponsor, we’ll provide FREE Content & EasyTeach LMS Plugins to educators, learners, and communities in need.
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