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The Power of EasyTeach LMS + WordPress

MISSION | We provide the world’s most dynamic Learning Management System for WordPress to enable affordable, accessible, and high-impact education.

VISION & VALUES | In pursuit of service, equality, and excellence, EasyTeach is driven to be a global leader in remote education at all levels of personal and professional development.

GIVING BACK | With each sale & sponsor, we’ll provide FREE Content & EasyTeach LMS Plugins to educators, learners, and communities in need.

BACKSTORY | After writing a 2012 New York Times Bestseller that touched on gaps in education (The 4 Essentials), EasyTeach Founder Cliff Michaels wanted to provide e-courses on life skills & entrepreneurship. He soon engaged educators and world-class software developers to create EasyTeach LMS for WordPress. By 2018, EasyTeach caught the attention of thought leaders at USC who invited Cliff to join their first EdTech Cohort at the Rossier School of Education. For The Cohort teachers, students, and fellow entrepreneurs, the “Aha Moment” was at hand.

CORE CHALLENGES | USC’s Cohort helped Cliff’s development team appreciate that every learner and educator has different needs, skills, and budgets — a daunting task for any school, instructor, business, administrator, course designer, entrepreneur, or web developer. Remote-learning solutions worldwide had to be easy, affordable, dynamic, scalable, accessible, customizable, and result-driven.

EasyTeach SOLUTIONS | The 2020 pandemic exposed global challenges for the education eco-system. In response, EasyTeach LMS for WordPress was designed for absolutely anyone to create, manage, and provide E-courses in minutes. Tech & non-tech educators, content creators, entrepreneurs, and administrators can fully customize E-courses, groups, designs, marketing, affiliates, and more. Best of all, EasyTeach clients get 100% control of their contacts, content, and user experience. White-glove SaaS is also available through WordPress experts around the globe for those who need it. Learn More: Features & Pricing

THE WORDPRESS ADVANTAGE | EasyTeach LMS was custom built for WordPress, the most robust, user-friendly, open-source platform powering 43% of websites and 64% of Content Management Systems (CMS). This means WordPress users have access to the world’s largest community of trusted developers & resources. In short, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE and more AFFORDABLE with EasyTeach & WordPress! Learn More: WordPress FAQs

Giving Back & Learning Forward

With each sale, donation, or sponsor received, we give FREE Content, E-courses & EasyTeach software to teachers & schools in need.

Our Team

Cliff Michaels • Founder

Cliff is an educator, social entrepreneur, and founder of companies in finance, real estate, education, and tech. His companies have closed over $500 million in sales. Cliff was President of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Los Angeles (EO) where he developed EO’s first student-mentor programs & philanthropic galas (1996-2004). In 2012, Cliff’s NY Times Bestseller The 4 Essentials outlined major gaps in academic and corporate training, which inspired EasyTeach Solutions.

Jim Weldon • Advisor, Global Partnerships

Jim has been a Co-Founder of 6 companies over 25 years, including School Soft, a pioneering interactive-admin solution in the ‘90s. Jim has consulted dozens of start-ups from launch through alliances, and generated over $500 million dollars in new-net revenue for companies in finance, tech, education, and health care. Jim was President of Young Entrepreneurs Organization L.A. in the ’90s, and today serves as a global advisor to dozens of companies.

Seth RubensteinLead Developer

Seth is a full-stack, enterprise level WordPress engineer with over 15 years experience building highly-intuitive applications, including early models for online educators. Seth worked on the esteemed “It’s On Us Project” for President Obama’s White House, and the “Think Progress” blog for the Center for American Progress. He’s also been the Sr. Developer for large news and research organizations such as Pew Research.


What Others Say

“For educators who need dynamic & intuitive E-Learning, EasyTeach is a truly global solution.”

James Bottom, USC

“We looked at every LMS. EasyTeach was the smartest strategy for small-to-large clients alike.

Jen Ewing, Global Village, Web Consulting 

“Our tutors, students, and admins love EasyTeach. So simple to launch & saved us a ton of time, money, effort. 

Beta 1, Online Tutors

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