EasyTeach FAQs & WordPress Benefits

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EasyTeach is one of the most affordable, feature-rich, and customizable LMS PLUG-INS for WordPress, designed for techies & non-techies alike. With our 10-minute audio-video tutorial, you’ll start creating, managing, or selling courses in minutes, just like a pro!

EasyTeach is ideal for Educators, Schools, Businesses, Tutors, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, WordPress Developers, Publishers, E-Course Creators & Administrators, Content Providers, Compliance Officers, and E-Learning Marketplaces… and thought leaders who drive remote learning.

Pricing varies based on subscription terms & number of site licenses needed. Our “EASY LMS” is for Beginners who need 1 URL site license ($199/year). Our “PREMIUM LMS” enables 10 URL site licenses ($299/year). Our “PLATINUM LMS”  enables 25 URL site licenses $399/year). Our World-Class developers can also provide Custom Integration, FREE EasyTeach WordPress Templates, and Custom Web Templates. For custom pricing, email: sales@EasyTeachLMS.com

YES. If SCORM & TinCan are important to your e-course development, these features can be made available with EasyTeach Custom Add-Ons or simply have your developer add features needed for your courses and E-learning platform.

YES! EasyTeach comes with a 10-minute WRITTEN, AUDIO-VIDEO TUTORIAL that walks you through loading the LMS Plug-In, creating courses, uploading videos, adding quizzes, adding tools, customizing your student-teacher experience, designing completion certificates, using dashboards, and MUCH MORE!

Top 10 Benefits of WordPress & EasyTeach


1. Global Trust & Simplicity

With 39% of Internet sites and 64% of Content Management Systems powered by WordPress, EasyTeach features are familiar to millions of users and developers. This means little to NO CODING is required. WordPress is also FREE to download, and EasyTeach works seamlessly with any WordPress Site Template or Multi-site network. EasyTeach also enables dynamic customization, scalability, and unlimited add-ons. If you don’t already have a WordPress website, EasyTeach has FREE & CUSTOM TEMPLATE options with sample content ready-to-go.

2. Leverage Global Community Support

Complex SaaS platforms require a big budget, tech gurus, and access to your content and contacts. Because WordPress is free & open-source technology, its global developer / support communities ensure that source files are constantly updated and secure. EasyTeach is also upgraded regularly by world-class developers. In short, WordPress & EasyTeach enable non-techies and seasoned developers to customize with unlimited scalability & support.

3. Change & Scale & As Needed

Originally designed to support blogs and small business, WordPress powers high-traffic websites like Sony, Disney & Microsoft News, individual entrepreneurs, small schools, and large enterprises. EasyTeach & WordPress will save you time & money at every turn. You can even integrate your favorite video players (eg: YouTube, Vimeo), sales solutions (eg: Woo-commerce), or CRM & Group Tools for contact management (eg: Mail Chimp, BuddyPress).

4. User-Friendly & Easy to Launch 

The EasyTeach LMS Plugin and any WordPress (WP) website template are installed fast so you can start creating courses & member groups in just minutes with our simple audio-visual tutorial. You or your administrator just need a domain name and web-hosting account. Teacher-admin dashboards will also make your course and group management experience a breeze.

5. Website Templates w/ Gutenberg Drag & Drop Block Editor

Not only is EasyTeach LMS integrated with Gutenberg drag-and-drop block-editor features, our FREE Web Templates make e-course creation & website customization super easy. WordPress has 1000s of web templates too! See WordPress.org for tips on WordPress.

6. Extend Functionality with Your Favorite Plugins

WordPress includes all the elements needed to create a basic site or add special functions. The WordPress directory includes hundreds of plugins such as shopping carts, galleries, contact forms, and more. The EasyTeach LMS Plug-In and EasyTeach Templates (coming 2021) are already feature-rich, so you may not even need add-ons. Unlike other LMS platforms that lock you in or make it hard to customize the user experience, EasyTeach was built as a customer-driven, user-friendly, future-proof solution.

7. Rank Higher in Search Engines

WordPress sites tend to rank higher in search engines because they’re constantly updated. EasyTeach & WordPress  include tools for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

8. Be Mobile & Developer Friendly

In today’s E-learning world, your e-courses and websites need to be “mobile-responsive” and “developer-friendly”. EasyTeach & WordPress make these two essentials par for the course.

9. Save Time & Effort w/ WordPress CMS & Blog Builder

Since WordPress drives 64% of Content Management Systems (CMS), not to mention being the world’s leading Blog Tool, EasyTeach LMS for WordPress makes publishing content FAST & EASY! You can even duplicate all or some content from one e-course to another with our  “EasyTeach 1-click-duplicate” tool. You won’t find this feature on other LMS platforms.

10. Does EasyTeach provide SaaS?

Coming Soon! While many clients host their own WordPress site to control content, contacts, and privacy, many schools, businesses, and entrepreneurs want a third party to manage their sales, marketing, design, and web servers. Our highly-vetted EasyTeach WordPress partners can provide white-glove SaaS services, ranging from start-up WebSite Development, custom plugin integration, or sales, marketing, white label, and e-commerce solutions. Just ask support@easyteachlms.com or consult your WordPress professional.


A Dynamic LMS for WordPress
  • Set Up in Minutes
  • Flexible Price Packages
  • Scalable & Customizable
  • Sample Content Ready to Go
  • Easy for Techies & Non-Techies
  • Classroom-Themed Web Templates
  • Easy for Individuals & Institutions


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