In just 10 minutes, our EasyTeach LMS tutorial will help you to set up your first course, upload content, and create the teaching and learning environment best suited to for you and your users. Remember, EasyTeach enables you to customize any part of your E-Learning environment — SO LET’S GET STARTED!

Introducing the Block Editor (Gutenberg)

This tutorial can be found with video in the plugin

  • Your EasyTeach LMS features the WordPress Block Editor, “Gutenberg,” popular with amateurs and World-Class Developers alike. This simple but dynamic tool puts “drag & drop” features, customization options, and duplicate-post functionality just a few clicks away.
  • EasyTeach is built on the Gutenberg BLOCK system, featuring customized buttons that highlight your course BLOCKS (such as lessons, quizzes, content, and certificates). Inside your blocks, the EASY + button is the key to adding multi-media content of all kinds – anything from YouTube videos to links, text, images, downloads, and much more.
  • PRO TIP: As you build your courses, you’ll also find additional options for customizing your courses, lessons, and content on the right-hand side of the screen.
Creating Your First Lesson
Step 1

Step 1: NAME YOUR COURSE or PRODUCT and SELECT YOUR COURSE OPTIONS (eg: Psychology 101 or Yoga for Beginners).

Type your COURSE TITLE in the field labeled “Add title.”

On the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll have the option to add a “FEATURED IMAGE” for your course, create an EXCERPT (a short course description), select “CATEGORIES” for your course (eg: Finance, Fitness, Fashion). You can also set a future-publishing date for the course.

Step 2

Step 2: Create a LESSON within the COURSE

All EasyTeach COURSES are comprised of at least one LESSON BLOCK, which contains at least one CONTENT BLOCK. – But there’s no limit to the number of LESSON & CONTENT BLOCKS you can include in an E-COURSE. You can structure any course with this simple building-block foundation. Each CONTENT BLOCK can feature anything from videos, PDFs, and PPTs to web & social media links. Yes, it’s really that EASY!

To create a LESSON, click the button entitled “ADD LESSON OR CERTIFICATE” and then select “LESSON” to create a new Lesson. You’ll then have the option to “START A NEW LESSON” or “SEARCH FOR AN EXISTING LESSON” that you previously created in another course (Learn more about “DUPLICATE-CONTENT” & “DUPLICATE-COURSE” FEATURES HERE).

To START A NEW LESSON, enter your LESSON title in the field labeled “Title,” and click CREATE LESSON.

Once you have created your lesson or loaded an existing lesson, you’ll find LESSON options on the right-hand of your screen. You can create a series of self-paced lessons within each course OR schedule content for daily, weekly, or time-structured LESSONS. To schedule content, simply select the date and time you want your content available from the “SCHEDULE FOR FUTURE RELEASE” section. If you’re offering a self-paced course (anytime, anywhere), there’s no need for scheduling

NOTE: Once you’ve created a new LESSON, you can move on to inserting content and quizzes. That’s next on this tutorial…

Adding Content To Lessons

Adding Content:

CONTENT is added inside CONTENT blocks, which live inside LESSON blocks.

  • STEP 1: Let’s start with adding a video to the LESSON you created in the previous step. First, click your EASY button in the box labeled “ADD CONTENT or QUIZ” and select CONTENT from the pop-up box to add a CONTENT block. Give your CONTENT a TITLE and click “ADD CONTENT”.For this demo, let’s assume you’ll use a Vimeo-hosted video.NOTE: You can use any video service that WordPress supports (eg: Vimeo or YouTube); or download support for additional video services via 3rd-party tools and plug-ins. You can ALSO host your own videos if you’re using a service like Jetpack that offers WordPress video hosting.
  • STEP 2: Click the EASY + button and select your item from the pop-up box — OR — click “Browse All” to see all options. Select Vimeo, paste your URL in the box labeled “Enter URL to embed here,” then click the Embed button and just like that, you’ve added a video to your course.
  • EasyTeach supports all native WordPress functionality (eg: anything already built-for WordPress. That means you can embed Slideshare presentations, audio podcasts, Google maps, even “licensed” music from your favorite multi-media source such as Spotify or YouTube. Again, just click your EASY “ADD CONTENT of QUIZ” button , select your item from the pop-up box, OR click “Browse All” to see all options.
  • That’s how easy it is to build media-filled, content-rich E-courses. In our next step, we’ll go over how easy it is to build customizable quizzes.
Creating Quizzes
  • Create a quiz to use on every lesson or a final quiz at the end of the course. Quizzes can be configured any way you like including:
    • Create multiple-choice questions such as: A-B-C-D
    • Provide word-based answers (blue, green, purple, yellow)
    • Provide a Text Box for written responses
    • Assign point values to each response (Question 1 = 5 pts, Question 2 = 10 pts, Question 3 = 20 pts), etc, and define an overall passing score for the quiz.
  • To build a quiz, navigate to the Lesson where you want to insert a quiz, click the “ADD CONTENT OR QUIZ” button and select QUIZ from the pop-up box.
  • Next, add a title for your quiz (eg: Budgeting 101) and click “ADD QUIZ.”
  • To add your first question, click the “ADD A QUESTION” button. Type your question in the field labeled “QUESTION TEXT HERE,” then navigate to the panel on the right to define QUESTION SETTINGS section. You can add an explanation for your questions, define the display text for correct and incorrect answers, switch from text to photo questions, and define whether your question has a single correct answer (i.e. True or False or multiple choice A-D) or multiple-correct answers (A and C). Lastly, you can define point value for each question.
    • For example, for the TRUE/FALSE question (2+2=5), you would choose
      • Question Type: Text
      • Answers Type: Single
      • Points: Any value you would like
  • Now it’s time to define the answer. Click on “ADD AN ANSWER” to define your answer options. Adding answers is as easy as clicking the “ADD ANSWER” button. Click the button and add your answer text (i.e. True/False or A/B/C/D). You will need to add an answer field for every choice. Click on the Smiley Face to indicate the correct answer. When the SMILEY FACE is White on a Black Background, your answer is marked as the correct answer . When you choose MULTIPLE as the QUESTION TYPE, you can indicate multiple-correct answers using the SMILEY FACE
    • Using our same example, TRUE/FALSE question (2+2=5), you would add two answers: TRUE and FALSE. To do this, click on “ADD AN ANSWER” and enter TRUE in the field labeled “ANSWER TEXT HERE.” Repeat the process and enter FALSE in the field labeled “ANSWER TEXT HERE.” Click on the Smiley Face to indicate which answer is correct. In our example, we would click the SMILEY FACE on the answer FALSE.
  • You can use any combination of question types and there are no limitations on the number of answers!
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Lesson and Content Library

Another exciting feature to your EasyTeach LMS is the option to save and duplicate CONTENT BLOCKS & LESSONS for re-use within a COURSE, or from one COURSE to another COURSE. Your Easy Teach CONTENT LIBRARY is actually a powerful, customizable CMS (Content Management System) enabling you to re-use content with a few simple clicks.

  • First you’ll need to save your lesson. You can do this when you first create your lesson by clicking on the “SAVE AS NEW LESSON” button below the title field from the right-hand toolbar OR you can return to any LESSON you have created and click on the “SAVE AS NEW LESSON” button to add it your content library.
  • You can now easily add your saved LESSON to any course. From your Course, click on the ADD A LESSON OR CERTIFICATE button and select LESSON. Next search for your existing lesson in the field entitled SEARCH FOR AN EXISTING LESSON. Select the desired lesson from the drop down and SHAZAM! Your lesson has been added to your course. This is one of our coolest EasyTeach features designed to save you time!
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